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1) Download the ".msi" file from the codeplex "downloads" tab or click on the download button on the Home page.

2) Run the ".msi" file that you just download and follow all the installation guidelines. If you are downloading a previous version of Windows 8 Lock Screen you will need to unzip the files and then run a ".exe" file.

3) After the installation is finished you will see an icon added to your desktop, double click on the Windows 8 Lock Screen icon, and you are ready to go.

How to use

When the application is opened you only need to swipe your mouse from the bottom of the screen to the top of it, Windows 8 Lock Screen works with tactile displays too.

Music Player
To open the music player you need to click on the label "click to show player", and then press on the play button, you should see a "open file dialog", put the song or songs you want to hear (playlist don't work, yet).

To open the settings hub you need to click on the gear icon at the right side of the music player.
The settings hub has to main tabs, "Personalize" and "General":
  • Personalize: This tab will let you change the background image of the lock screen.
  • General: This tab will let you change the basic settings of the lock screen like: Hibernate on/off, Sleep on/off and the time the lock should return.

This feature didn't worked so it was removed from the program

For development

All the source code is in the source code tab

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